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Praat hier met een Nederlandstalige
bot Marieke! En help haar het Nederlands echt goed te leren!
Alvast bedankt!.

Nederlandse AIML Forum!!!!

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Direct chat with a bot

Al je vragen over robots, chatbots en dergelijken kan je me stellen via e-mail!
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Nederlandse AIML Forum!!!!

Chat Bots

20q. net

This is a unique chat bot that initially seems like a simple game of 20 Questions.  However, this artificial intelligence-based engine learns as it plays the game so that, over time, it plays more intelligently. As such, it is fascinating to play, then to play it again later and see how it does.  It doesn't work perfectly, but it clearly works.



Chat with Abby the AI! Abby is based on Joseph Weizenbaum's groundbreaking 1966 ELIZA program. Although Abby doesn't claim to be a psychologist, it is fun to chat with her. At times she can be insightful and at other times a little stupid.



This chat bot comes across as an advice columnist. Ask it a question and hopefully you'll be pointed in the right direction. It uses a Web/Shockwave interface, so its not for the technically faint of heart.





ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is a natural language interface to a telerobotic eye. ALICE has already influenced some events in the real world by telling lies and spreading gossip.

ALICE is written in a new language called AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), under development so that ALICE can be modified for the "personalities" of other people besides its present author. The AIML interpreter runs in SETL, maintained by David Bacon.

Some of the newer ideas in ALICE include tailoring the conversation for categories of individual, mainly through attempts to determine the client's age, gender, geographic location and occupation. There are also global values for "TOPIC" and "NAME" so that the AI can keep the conversation somewhat on course and address the client individually. ALICE attracts a lot of clients abroad, so she also asks them to teach her phrases in foreign languages.

The site also has a version of ALICE in Java.

Alice (German)  

This one brings us back to high school German, where Frau Rhodearmer forbade us from chatting in class -- unless it was in German.  This is a German version of the popular Alice bot.



An interactive 3D agent that can serve as hostess to a Web site, providing information and customer involvement to site visitors. Includes text-to-sound or natural sound capabilities.



This German commercial bot likes to talk about water, in particular bottled water, as the source of life. It also likes to talk about its centuries of predictions.
Archie Intel

This chat bot comes in a text-only version, and a multimedia version complete with talking head and sound!



Are you a fan of Aleister Crowley (a.k.a. The Great Beast)?  If so, try the BeastBot, a natural language program that  generates words of wisdom from Crowley.

A self-learning keyword-parser that analyzes sentence structure and grammer to generate responses.


Brain Brain is an older chattberbot with a new home and a new look. Now Java-enabled, this Web based chat bot holds good conversations and can sport avatars based on MS Agent technology.
BRIAN BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student. It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won third place out of six entries. Two judges even gave it a higher score than they gave some human confederates! Feel free to chat with BRIAN and just try to have a natural conversation, about five minutes long. The competition was held in Australia, so pretend you are in Sydney! (Also pretend you don't know Brain's name, or anything about him except that he's in Sidney).
CARA CARA (Conversation Analysis Research Avatar) is a Shockwave-based chat bot with speech and graphic capabilities.

ChomskyBot   Something of an underground favorite, this bot creates paragraphs based on the words of Noam Chomsky.  
CoLIN While some chat bots emulate human responses, CoLIN actually learns language from scratch, as a child would. This unique approach also gives CoLIN the ability to hold a conversation in any language. CoLIN is designed to respond to user statements based on previous statements made by the user. In other words, it learns what to say by listening to you.

Cybelle -TIP!!!!! Cybelle has been programmed to be "an expert on the world of agents. Thanks to her training and her journeys on the Net, she is gradually developing her own character, and seems to be someone who is very curious, who already has her own sense of humor."
Daisy A self-learning chat bot that starts literally from scratch and learns everything from conversations she holds.
Diablo An interactive 3D agent that can serve as host to a Web site, providing information and customer involvement to site visitors. Includes text-to-sound or natural sound capabilities.


Simple chat bot that will learn phrases and responses with user intervention.
Dr. Abuse Dr. Abuse has been trained in hundreds of conversations with human and bot Internet users and you will enjoy your conversations. Dr. Abuse is in Spanish and is based on the famous Eliza program.

Elbot (German/English)



Based on the German-language bot called
Charlie, which was the rough basis for the German
language Elbot. Much of the logic was kept and most of the texts were rewritten, the knowledge base was considerably widened, and Lingubot functionality added. The German version has been online since Nov. 2000, and the English version since the Spring of 2001.
eLise German-language chat bot consisting of a Java applet as the front end, a Java server process, and a knowledge base editor. The knowledge base has currently about 550 different knowledge nodes (each consisting of 1-n input pattern and 1 or more different answers).
Ella Part of the Palbase project, this Visual Basic has basic Liza type abilities combined with a handful of changing images. Ella can play rock-paper-scissors, collect and change basic user info, do basic arithmetic, generate lottery numbers, etc.
Eloisa The first Italian ChatterBot. Eloisa is a stand-alone Windows95 program and IRC-ChatterBot. She is know to have a strong virtual personality.

Ergo Linguistic Technologies



Ergo Linguistic Technologies has developed NLP software that can analyze English sentences quickly and thoroughly enough to make it possible to greatly improve grammar checker and translation software, foreign language tutoring software, and most important, this technology makes it possible to develop language interactivity that allows interactive dialogs with game characters, software applications and even household appliances.
Fox The Fox likes to talk about building and savings, in German, and has recently been relaunched with spoken answers and animation.
Guenni Guenni is a gas station pump nozzle who likes to talk about gas mileage, cars, and funny stories--all in German.
GuruBot GuruBot is the creation of Norwegian Helge Ingvoldstad, Written Borland's Delphi 5, not a common choice for developing AI applications, this bot is a very quick learner.
Erin the Bartender Erin is a virtual bartender for multi-user cyberbars. She serves drinks, keeps the bar in order, and chats with customers. She loves to talk about Rock-and-Roll music.
Eve Eve, a Linugbot, acts as a store greeter, customer support agent, product specialist and entertainer, for the European gamer's site Gameplay. Eve holds conversations with visitors and helps them to quickly find exactly what they're looking for.
HEX HEX is the program which won the 1996 Loebner Contest. He is quite stupid, though, and no where near as interesting as MegaHAL listed below. He can answer some questions and tell knock-knock jokes.

ICQ bot

ICQ bot is built around Elizatalk and is simply designed to allow an updated version of our favorite virtual person to connect to ICQ and wait for unsuspecting people to locate her in random chat.
JabberWacky JabberWacky quite simply talks to you and learns from you and is an AI implementation for fun.
Jack Jack, a Linugubot, is a store greeter, customer support agent, product specialist and entertainer all rolled into one for the ShareaSale.com commerce site.
Jackie Strike Lingubot Jackie Strike is the USA's first virtual presidential candidate, and since the official declaration of her candidacy on the 4th of July 2000, she has entered into the struggle between Al Gore and George W. Bush, which has been met with a huge international response.
John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project This is more than just another chat bot.  It is an attempt to re-create the personality of an actual human being using code created for the A.L.I.C.E project.  It is based on real conversations that others had with Lennon.
Klone Klones are conversational software robots that function as customer service representatives created by the Big Science Company. Ask Andrette the original Klone about the Big Science Company or about Klones in general. Tell her that Team BotSpot(r) sent you.....
Kucheto Admit it: You always wanted to chat in Bulgarian.  Kucheto means "The Dog" and this chat bot has a bright and friendly personality -- at least if you understand Bulgarian.
Lea An interactive 3D agent that can serve as hostess to a Web site, providing information and customer involvement to site visitors. Includes text-to-sound or natural sound capabilities.
LeknorChat This bot will chat the day away on AOL's IM areas; just invite it to a chat room and let it learn as it goes.
Leo Leo is the successor to CoLIN, the first chat bot developed by Alan J. Brown. Leo has the ability to converse in any language and learn about subjects from its user.
Leo (German) Leo is a virtual bartender that offers cocktail recipes, plays music in his bar and just shoots the bull.
LFReD LFRed serves as a combination of chat bot, assistant, and search bot, LFReD supplys conversation and useful information as well.



Liam, a Lingubot, consults customers at the homepage of Loewe AG, a renowned producer of entertainment appliances based in Kronach, Germany. Liam speaks fluent English and German, gives advice about products, and navigates visitors through the Loewe Web site.
Libba Libba is a robot software program that chats to users and features editable responses. You can link instances of Libba together and watch them talk to each other.
Lingubot An online chat bot that can greet visitors to your Web site and deliver a more human experience. Can be created and edited using Kiwilogic's Lingubot Creator.
Mabel Designed by Dr. David Hamill, Mabel is a Web-based chat bot written in Perl that can provide some interesting conversation. Mabel and some of Hamill's other work has been featured repeatedly on the BBC.
Marc Marc is the name of the friendly Lingubot who explains to his visitors everything they need to know about the Eye-Trek product from Olympus. He has an internal databank at his disposal, with detailed commentaries for over 150 of the most important science-fiction films.
Marvin A product of InterLinx's VirAge technology, this Java-based chat bot can meet and greet customers and clients of your company. (German-speaking only)
Max Max leads interactive tours on web pages. He converses about each page and controls the visitor's browser navigation during the tour. Max appears in a pop-up Java client that uses Extempo LiveComics(tm) graphics to portray his actions and gestures in coordination with his conversation. Max's "mind" runs on a network server using Extempo's Imp Character(sm) software engine. His tour and web-page knowledge is authorable from the developer. Also be sure to visit and talk with Erin the coolest vitual bartender in cyberspace, Spence the owner of Spence's Bar, and Jennifer an automotive expert and former NASCAR driver.
Maximillan An ALICE-based bot with an interesting Flash-based audio and visual interface.


A chat bot designed for the Web. This bot runs in a browser window. It was written in Java, so a user does not need to download special software, they simply click on the link to begin the download of the Java applet. It requires a version of Navigator or Explorer that supports Java. BotSpot tested it with Netscape 4.5 and Explorer 5.0 and experienced no problems.
MegaHAL MegaHAL learns from what you say to him. You should therefore feed him well with lots of wordy, roundabout sentences. Type in a lot of interesting stuff for the benefit of other people who use the program.
Millie Millie is a chat bot that keeps track of Y2K compliance statements issued by software and hardware companies. Millie also gives general information about the year 2000 and the impending computer crash.

mIRC Archive Provides a resource where you can always find the latest mIRC, bots and scripts, and various IRC-related files and links.
Mr. Mind Mr. Mind is a chat bot developed by producer Peggy Weil, in a joint project with PBS Television Network and the WebLab Group. Mr. Mind is a sort of "inversion" of the Turing Test, who asks you the user to prove that you are a human and not a machine.
My Little Tony If you ever had any questions for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, now's your chance, thanks to this bot from Kiwilogic.
NICOLE   NICOLE is an attempt to simulate a conversation by learning how words are related to other words. A Human communicates with NICOLE via the keyboard and NICOLE responds back with its own sentences which are automatically generated, based on what NICOLE has stored in it's database. Each new sentence that has been typed in, and NICOLE doesn't know about it, it is included into NICOLE's database, thus extending the knowledge base of NICOLE.
NOMI Chat bot designed by novomind AG, which focuses on creating and developing IPI-Agents (Interactive Personable Intelligent Agents) for the eCommerce sector.



Well, she's not shy, that's for sure. Paula is a product from Swedish programmer Paolo Vacirca, and features a completely separate AI learning app that allows learned responses to be shared with other Paula bots. Contains some adult responses, so be warned.

Persona Project The Persona Project at Microsoft Research is developing the technologies required to produce conversational assistants --- lifelike animated characters that interact with a user in a natural spoken dialogue. The work is built upon the Whisper speaker-independent continuous speech recognition system and a broad coverage English understanding system, both also developed at Microsoft Research.
Robert The Robot   A fairly clever fellow, Robert is still learning to converse intelligently.  He uses a ShockWave applet. 
Robbie Robbie is designed for friendly customer service applications. To connect to Robbie you need a copy of AtChat, a person-person chat program that connects direct using email addresses. Complete downloading information and email address for Robbie is available at the site.
Robor  This is a German-language chatter bot that learns adaptively.  If you can't get enough German chat, also try Alice, the well-known chat bot that is now available in German.
Sam Iyam An Applet version of one of the participants in the BBC Megalab '98 Turing Test. A 100% Java ChatterBot.
Saucy Jacky Not for the squeamish, this chat bot will introduce you to the mind and the history of one of the most infamous killers in human history.
Shadowboxer ShadowBox presents Quest, Sassy and Red. Chat with them all and learn their unique personalities...even help develop their personalities!
Soar Technology Soar Technology, Inc., specializes in creating intelligent autonomous entities that generate human-like behavior for simulation environments.

Stig Barrymore

Stig Barrymore is a CGI ChatterBot and has been around for two years and gives very interesting answers to your questions like all good and faithful bar tenders!
Synthetic Auditor   A chat bot that uses synthetic speech and directs an auditing process.
The Animate Agent Project The Animate Agent Project is part of an on-going effort at the University of Chicago to understand the mechanisms required to create intelligent software and hardware agents that can work alongside people. Current projects are aimed at building a system that integrates reactive control and purposive vision to support interactive, task execution and human/machine communication.
The Forbin Project The Forbin Project is a web interface that clients can monitor and participate in real-time live conversations between Eliza, Barry, ALICE, Shallow Red and others. The site is codenamed "The Forbin Project", after the 1969 movie. History is being created at this site!
ThoughtTreasure The goal of ThoughtTreasure is to develop a computer program which can understand, learn from and communicate in natural language, using any and all available techniques. The latest version is available.
Turing Test'98 The Turing Test 1998 will be held on June 23, 1998 in Austin, Texas. Turing Test'98 contestants are currently developing an experimental platform for the "competing" chat bots to talk with each other via the Internet, online all the time, which the public will be able to view.
TWorld TWorld is a multi-user chat space developed by UK 3D specialists okupi for Flextech's teenager oriented cable TV channel Trouble. TWorld is hosted by Cal and Loretta two chat bots who have 3D VRML representations but also communicate through a text interface. The bots respond to events generated in the world with a range of actions which establish their behavior.

Ultra Hal


Ultra Hal is designed to talk with you and to learn from your conversation. Ultra Hal also has the capability to speak to you through your computer's speakers. You can also read the recent conversations that Ultra Hal has participated in.
Virtual Friend Virtual Friend was created to bring characters out of the world of expensive graphics computers and onto the desktop. It was decided that the beauty of the technology was not the realistic emotion, but the realistic emotions generated in real time. Building a tool for one way delivery (i.e.television) is not as effective, nor as fun, as having an interactive lifeform in your desktop. This product gives the home user the ability to watch, play, and talk with artificial entities that emote similarly to themselves.
Virtual Personalities Virtual Personalities welcomes you to their Verbot(tm) laboratory. A Verbot is a Verbal Software Robot, a virtual character in a computerized world with an artificial personality.




Yeti - The Abominable Snowman is a mythical creature who is supposed to live in the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Although there have been many reported sightings of the Yeti, none of them have been documented with evidence in any way. In terms of description, the Yeti is similar to the North American BigFoot and the African 2nd Gorilla. Here you can talk to the computer simulated Yeti. The program is an adaptation of the original Eliza and is written in Perl.



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